Dubai - Kitesurf Open attracts World Star

13 January 2021

The Dubai Kitesurf Open attracted numbers of World Star in Kitesurfing led by the champion in Hydrofoil Category the Slovenian Toni Vodisek.

Vodisek participated for the first time in the competition during the first round of the Dubai Kitesurf Open which is organized by the Dubai International Marine Club in cooperation with the Emirates Kiteboarding Association with participation of more than 100 competitors representing 30 countries around the world in addition to the champions of the Emirates.

Slovenian Toni Vodisek considered as one of the most prominent rising stars globally in this sport in which he prepare to enter the Summer Olympics in 33rd edition (Paris 2024) after being approved last 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Argentina where he won a Gold Medal.

He made a three major victories way back in 2019 wherein he achieved the first place  three times in the following competition : 2019 Kite Foil World Series , 1 place Gizzeria (Italy), 2019 Kite Foil World Series , 1 place Weifang (China) and 2019 Kite Foil World Series , 1 place Pingtan (China). Finishing the season in the ninth place in the world rankings. 

He participated in the Dubai Championship wherein he took the lead in Hydrofoil category after recording the best in the seven round up against his top competitor Bulgarian Havdar Aleksawdrov who took the second spot and Clive Parson from Africa taking the third spot. 

Vodisek expressed his happiness after participating in the Dubai Kitesurf Open noting that its important to stay fit after the suspension in the world championship due to the COVID-19 that include travelling from places and movement restriction. 

"I did not hesitate for a moment to come to the Emirates (Dubai), accompanied by my mother, in order to participate and also enjoy the weather of the most coolest winter in the world," said by the Slovenian, Toni Vodisek. He also praise the effort of the organization and the great interest of the people in marine sport particularly in Kitesurfing that includes Hydrofoil Category. 

Hazeem Al Gemzi, the Director of Sports Department at DIMC welcome the Slovenian World Champion Vodisek and all the champions participating in this sports indicating that the Dubai Kitesurf Open had gained its popularity which is the goal of the club wherein this season will have a 3 rounds for the elite champion to compete in its fourth edition held here in the world coolest winter in the world.


Due to weather conditions, the organizing committee, in coordination with Emirates Kiteboarding Association, decided to postpone the second heat which supposed to take place on 15-16 January 2021 for a later date to be determined according to weather conditions.

The organizing committee takes this opportunity to thank the associates and competitors for the success of the first heat. We hope to see you all soon competing in the second heat.