"Al Serb" 80 leads 22ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race

22 May 2019

The Dubai International Marine Club's races season was very distinctive and it witnessed innovating many races for the season 2018-2019. It was a huge success for the organizing committee as it raise the enthusiasm among the participants thru various races and put up-high the spirit of competing per category.  

For the first time in the sports season 2018-2019 the 22ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race was divided into two categories the youth (from 8-21 years old) and the junior (from 8-16 years) who both compete for a top rank in the overall for the 22ft dhow racing category.

After the successfull three rounds the boat 80 "Al Serb" crowned as the overall winner for the said category with a total points of 17 which is led by Al Hur Rashid Khadim Al Muhairi. Taking off the second place was boat no. 64 "Alshalaila" who is skippered by Ebrahim Sultan Ebrahim Al Marzouqi with 18 points and last but not the least on the top 3 is the boat no. 31 "Mura'ab" led by Ebrahim Saleh Mohd. Ahmed Al Hamadi with a total points of 20. 

It is worth mentioning that the competition  for the 22ft Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race gather a total of 49 participants who competed over the three rounds wherein the first one took place last 14th of September 2018 , the second round was held 25th of January 2019 and the final round last 22nd of February 2019.