DIMC hosts delegation of Dubai Police and DSC

08 July 2020

Dubai International Marine Sports Club on Tuesday hosted a coordinating meeting with the Delegation of Dubai Police General Headquarters and Dubai Sports Council to discuss plans and equipment for the return of marine racing in the new season 2020-2021 and the protocol for precautionary measures during marine sports events to provide maximum safety to all participants.

The meeting discussed all matters related to logistics procedures and technical plans for the success of the activities of the new maritime sports season expected 2020-2021 and the efforts of the club to provide the necessary support for the success of the upcoming events with the start of the activity in accordance with the plan of the next phase, which is worked in accordance with the government plan and the instructions of the High Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai and the competent government authorities

The attendees also reviewed the schedule and programme proposed for the events, which the Dubai International Marine Sports Club intends to implement with the start of the new season in September, in accordance with the regulations and official procedures established, which take into account the safety of participants who are lovers of marine sports and provide them with a typical safe environment to compete and practice their favourite sport.

The delegation was introduced at the meeting to some technical plans for the events, which will be focused during the first phase of local championships and races, which are concerned with individual games and practiced by a large segment of the community, where all safety requirements and procedures will be provided to participants of different ages and provide what is necessary to ensure the safety of all as well as the public who follows the events.

The meeting was followed by an inspection tour of the Delegation of the Dubai Police General Headquarters and the Dubai Sports Council on the facilities of the club, management offices, the sports committee and the boat depot, and learned about the efforts to implement and manage the races, marine sports events and special logistics support available within the club's headquarters, which is considered one of the oldest marine sports castles since its establishment in 1988.

The meeting was attended by the General Directorate of Bodies, Facilities and Emergencies of Dubai Police Major Abdullah Tarsh Al Amimi, Head of Your Commitment Campaign, His Excellency, Lieutenant Khalid Saqr Al Haj of Security Education at the General Administration of Community Happiness. The campaign and Sergeant Mohamed Ahmed Hassan, from the Dubai Sports Council, Bader Hareb, Club and Institutions Officer, Tawfiq Al-Zahrani, a football company specialist, and from the Dubai International Marine Sports Club, are Hazeem Al Qamzi, Director of Racing Department, Mohammed Al Shamsi, Director of Institutional Support, and Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Director of Security.