Victory Team host a Ceremony for Outstanding Orphans

11 October 2022

The headquarter of the Victory Team at Dubai International Marine Club(DIMC) witnessed last week a ceremony honoring the outstanding orphans which come within the framework of the joint cooperation between DIMC and Beit Al Khair Society.

Mohammed Hareb, CEO of Dubai International Marine Club welcomes the delegation of Beit Al Khair Society led by Saeed Mubarak Al Mazrouie, the Deputy Director General of the Association with him are the outstanding orphans including their mothers, families, and officials from both entities.

The delegation of the Beit Al Khair Society enjoyed an exceptional tour around the Victory Team Headquarters wherein they learned about the brilliant history of the team with their achievements and victories around the world in XCAT, Formula 1, 2, 4, and aquabike.

They also toured the inside of the administration and various departments which include the workshops for manufacturing the racing boats, pleasure boats, fishing and aquabike. They also experience to ride the cockpit of Victory Team boats in Class 1 and XCAT and briefed by one of the Victory Team stars, Ahmed Al Suwaidi.

Al Mazrouei stressed that the association pays special attention to the support of orphans, and said: “Since its inception, the Board of Directors of (Beit Al Khair) has put orphans care and sponsorship at the forefront of its priorities.”

He added: "The UAE society is distinguished by the bonds of compassion, cohesion and harmony, and the "House of Goodness" receives all support from citizens and residents to take care of sponsored orphans, and it works to make them happy through programs dedicated to this. It spends more than 10 million dirhams annually on orphans thru the God’s grace and honorable benefactors; we reaped the fruits of this blessed work, with excellence in supporting our orphan on whom we congratulate on their achievement, and we promise that the “House of Goodness” will continue to support them until they reach their dreams.

Al Mazrouie extended his sincere thanks to the Board of Directors at Dubai International Marine Club and the management of the Victory Team in making this ceremony happens.

For his part, Mohammed Harib conveyed the greetings of Ahmad Saeed bin Meshar, DIMC Chairman and the members of the Board of Directors to the delegation of the Beit Al Khair Society in the first steps towards the framework of the MoU signed last September.

During his speech, Harib stressed the commitment of the Dubai International Marine Club "to the social responsibility and working to integrate and involve the various segments of society in the events and activities of the club began since its inception in 1988. The club has been interested in developing marine sports and providing opportunities for people of the state, residents, and visitors to practice watersports and marine activities in a distinguished environment in accordance with terms and standards, wherein in 1994 the club has become the government agency responsible for marine sports.

He said: We are pleased that today's celebration will honor the outstanding orphans, in one of the important sports edifice headquarter (Victory Team) which is an icon of sports excellence as one of the ambassadors of the UAE sport in international forums all over the world in search for glory and raising the flag of the state. It was a good opportunity for the attendees to get acquainted closely with the VT boats, their manufacturer and preparation done in participations and in sailing.


Dubai International Marine Club honored the 19 outstanding children from the orphans with the senior guest and present from the club. In celebration of this day, the DIMC & Beit Al Khair exchanges a token of appreciation and cake cutting towards a more fruitful cooperation.